Pittsburgh Yoga Collective Launch Event
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Pittsburgh Yoga Collective was founded by Caitlin Lasky to bring the practice of yoga and mindfulness to the many diverse populations and groups in the Pittsburgh region, including underserved and at risk populations. It’s an amazing organization that I am 100% behind. Can’t wait to see all the good things that this organization will do!

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KIDSBURGH: Pittsburgh Yoga Collective brings om to city’s most vulnerable children

By Jill Greenwood, Kidsburgh

When Caitlin Lasky was 8-years-old and anxious about an upcoming sleepaway camp, her father introduced her to yoga and meditation.

“I remember thinking I will never use this. But I was using the techniques by the third day of that camp,” says Lasky, 29, of Polish Hill. “And now, I use them daily.”

Lasky believes in the emotional and physical benefits of yoga and relaxation exercises, and thinks bringing them to children – particularly children in underserved areas or those who have experienced trauma or health issues – is critical to encouraging healthy development.

In September, Lasky launched the Pittsburgh Yoga Collective, a movement to bring yoga to populations in Allegheny County that might not be exposed to it otherwise. The Collective started with a pilot class in Braddock where six kids of varying ages spent an hour stretching, posing and practicing deep, calming breaths.

“I think there is a perception in current culture that yoga is for people who have money, are white, thin and women,” says Lasky, a certified Yoga Alliance instructor. “That seems so wrong to me. This should be available to anyone. The principles of yoga can root a child’s holistic wellness.”

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